November 1, 2008, 1:06 am
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PRINT: $60 
CASE: $16

TOTAL: $126


Image Capture
September 30, 2008, 12:37 am
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The thought that photography is a word of the past and the words ‘Image Capture’ is something of the present seems to have risen over the past few years as technological advances continue with the camera. almost anything can be captured straight from the eye to the camera to the computer with very little effort. It’s what happens after where things start to become even more interesting.



Exposure and experience go hand in hand with each other. the more experience you get the more you are exposed to new things and it is these new things that become learning curves for all of us. new technologies create new methods, new materials and new ways of thinking. these are the kind of things that should be grasped onto. 









Designers are constantly capturing thought. it engages us with information to form concepts and to initiate in problem solving. it helps us develop reason to make decision. it’s the deconstruction in our head that helps us get to the core.



play is something that lets people get away from the everyday norm…work. it allows peoples interests to grow and flourish. it’s  a joy of life that we as human beings love to do. it gives us the creative freedom to explore and learn new things.

September 26, 2008, 10:25 am
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Hello & Hello

I have decided title my credo with the name ‘hello & hello’. I have done so because the word hello is a word we use for introducing and that’s what my credo intends to do. It also suggests that it’s saying hello to more than one thing. This book says hello to many things. It says hello to you and introduces you to the author. It’s not just saying hello to one side of the author either, it says hello to many sides and many possibilities capturing experience through work, interest and thought. It captures new and old beginnings. The word ‘Capture’ is strongly associated to the content presented in this document. It seems with the help of old and new technologies almost anything can be captured today. This is where the authors interests grown. Capturing through the eyes of the author and embracing on new technologies.

Headspace Group
April 27, 2008, 3:49 am
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Moving on from my initial Education Group, I have formed into a group called ‘headspace’, which is made up of 3 people; Jackson Mussett, Daniel Evans and Carla McKee. We are looking into the world of creative space both in physical and psychological states. Creative space ultimately exists within the human brain but uses physical space as a platform for it to flourish. We want to find out what kind of things provoke creativity and to see the influences the physical space has on the psychological space.


Global Warming.
March 10, 2008, 10:35 am
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The natural environment has to withhold its capabilities to maintain the correct living conditions

March 10, 2008, 9:43 am
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Mass Media And Growth In Knowledge

by P. J. Tichenor, G. A. Donohue, and C. N. Olien 

“The Knowledge Gap Hypothesis might be expressed, operationally, in at least two different ways.


  1. Over time, acquisition of knowledge of a heavily publicised topic will proceed at a faster rate among better educated persons than among those with less education; and
  2. At a given point in time, there should be a higher correlation between acquisition of knowledge and education for topics highly publicised in the media than for topics less highly publicised.


One would expect the knowledge gap to be especially prominent when one or more of the contributory factors are operative. Thus, to the extent that communication skills, prior knowledge, social contact, or attitudinal selectivity is engaged, the gap should widen as heavy mass media flow continues.”

 I read this article and thought it was a very interesting piece as it ties in with my groups topic area of Education. I have extracted a small piece of it which highlights its main area of discussion. 


Why Eco-Sustainability?
March 6, 2008, 1:13 am
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”Attempting to be brief, the world is facing myriad problems. The biggest threat to the earth (and therefore humans) appears to be global warming, but problems with soil depletion, toxic waste, ecosystem destruction, pollution, loss of biodiversity, and fragmentation of habitat, among others, are also pressing on the earth system. While each one of these issues may be manageable by itself, the negative synergy of all together make the global and local situation dire. If you are familiar with the seriousness of the problems facing the world, then we need say no more. 

For the time being, we will simply state the conclusion that with all the problems we are facing, whether we directly caused them or not, we are clearly going to need a new and less impactful way of living to withstand all the current threats. This new way of living has been called a more “sustainable” way of living, however, much about the term “sustainable” is nebulous and often hotly debated, and therefore we have chosen to encapsulate our ideas about this new way of life under the word “ecosustainability,” a word which inherently does not have much significance to us, but is useful for communication. The next logical step then is to describe what this thing we call ecosustainability really is, and how it is different from plain old sustainability”